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    How to install a post:

    Tools Required: Spade, Bucket, Spirit level (1.2m is perfect) and Post Crete (3 bags per post estimated).


    1. First, you need to work out where your post/s is going. To do this you measure your gate width and add on each post you are going to be installing (See example below).


    Gate width = 1200mm or 120cm.

    Post width = 200mm or 20cm (8×8” 10ft posts)

    In this example I am going to install 2 posts.

    1200+200+200= 1600mm OR 120+20+2= 160cm

    1. Now that you have your overall width you need to add another 30mm or 3cm onto your overall width to allow for any expansion. So our overall width is now 1630mm or 163cm.
    2. Simply measure where you want to install your gate to double check that you have enough room. Remember though, the 1630mm measurement we have is from outside to outside of each post.
    3. Now you know you have enough room to install your gate you can simply start digging. If you are installing an 8×8 post then your hole needs to be approximately 12×12 to give you enough room to fill.
    4. You will need to dig down to approximately 3ft. That way you know you have a solid post once it’s been filled with post crete.
    5. Move your post into the hole and wiggle until it is in place. Get the post straight both ways before filling the hole with any post crete.
    6. Now that you are happy with your post in that position, fill the hole with half a bucket of water and simply add a full bag of post crete. Using an old spirit level, metal bar or anything similar give the post crete a good stir until it is mixed well (add more water if needs be).
    7. Level your post again using an assistant if needs be.
    8. Now that you are happy with the post being straight again add half a bag of post crete with more water. Continue this step until your hole is about 2” from the ground level. Please be aware that because you are creating a stiff mix with the post crete you will find that it set’s in about 10minutes so you need to ensure that the post stays straight until the hole is full.
    9. For the second post installation, you can measure off of your newly installed post. Use example below.

    Our gate width is 1200mm or 120cm and our post width is 200mm or 20cm. Adding these together as well as your 30mm expansion gap gives us a total of 1430mm or 143cm.

    1. Simply measure from the inside edge of your installed post to the outside edge of the post hole come. In our case it would be 1430mm or 143cm.
    2. You now know roughly where the second post is going to be so you can start digging another 12×12” hole roughly around 3ft deep again.
    3. Now your hole is dug, lower in your second post and move into place. Level the place and ask an assistant to hold it while you measure you gap between the 2 posts. In our example our measurement should be 1200mm or 120cm + 30mm or 3cm giving us a total gap of 1230mm or 123cm. It doesn’t have to be exactly millimetre perfect but 5mm out is fine.
    4. Level out the top of the posts using a spirit level or string line and a bubble. You may need to dig the second hole deeper or possibly even fill a little bit in. Either way is fine as long as you get it right in the step before continuing.
    5. Now that you are happy with your second post go back to steps 7, 8 and 9 to repeat the process.
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