How to fit a batten

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    How to install a batten:

    Tools Required: 28mm chisel wood drill bit, 12mm wood drill bit, 10mm masonry drill bit (minimum of 100mm in length), Socket set (with deep sockets), Cordless or Corded Drill (must have hammer function), Spirit level (bigger the better) and a wood saw.


    1. First, you need to measure the height of your gate, once you know how tall your gate is you need to add 60mm/6cm onto the overall height. (See below for example)


    Gate height is 1700mm/170cm.

    1700+60=1760mm or 170+6=176cm

    1. Now you have the total height of your batten needed (Example 1760mm/176cm). The face of your batten needs to be this measurement. (See picture below)


    1. You now need to use a 28mm chisel drill bit to drill holes into your batten for fixing. Drill 4 or 5 holes at 35mm deep depending on batten size (there is no requirement on how many you should or shouldn’t use. But the stronger you make it the longer it’ll last).
    2. Now you have started your holes, you then need to drill all the way through your batten using a 12mm wood drill bit.
    3. Once all of your holes are drilled, simply offer up the batten to the area where you are hanging your gate. Using a spirit level make sure your batten is straight.
    4. Using your assistant mark out where all the holes need to be drilled using a 10mm masonry drill bit. Once all your holes are marked, you need to drill deep holes of around 100mm.
    5. You now need to get your 2 part poxy resin and squirt some into each hole you have drilled. (Make sure to have your throughbolts ready to hand). Quickly hammer each fixing into the holes you have previously filled with poxy resin making sure you leave approximately 50mm poking out of the wall.
    6. Once all you’re fixings are sticking out, take all the nuts and washers off of the ends of the throughbolts. Offer your batten up to the wall and guide each fixing into a previously drilled hole.
    7. Now just simply put your washer’s and bolt’s back onto the throughbolts and tighten. (Do not over tighten them as you will just pull the fixing out of the wall. You just need to ensure they are nipped up tight).
    8. To neaten up the holes left in the batten which the fixings are in you can simply add your black plastic caps. (Can be supplied by Wooden Gate Timber Products)
    9. Go back to step 1 and repeat the process for as many battens as you would like to fit. If you are fittng 2 batten’s please ensure that the top is level (See picture below).


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